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For all your UPVC window repairs in Horsham, Sussex Double Glazing Repairs can fix draughty and leaking windows, failed hinges, broken mechanism, handles, seals & gaskets. We operate throughout Sussex so why not call Dale now on 07881 407 764 for a quote or to arrange a visit.

Draughty or Leaking Windows

If your double glazed windows have become draughty, it will usually be caused by one or all of the following issues:

  • Failed hinge (Friction stay)
  • Perished Seals or Gaskets
  • Broken Mechanism (Espag)

All of these problems are easy for us to fix and in some cases we may have the correct replacement parts already on the van. 

Failed Hinge (Friction Stay)

If the hinge fails, which is common on older windows, the hinge will no longer pull the window sash tight against the frame seals.  

This is what causes draughts and possibly water ingress. In some cases the window cannot be closed at all and this will then pose a security issue. 

We stock all standard sizes on the van and can usually replace failed hinges during our first visit

Broken Mechanism (Espag)

The Locking mechanism on a window is located on the opening edge of the sash and these locks are known as Espags They tend to fail when excessive force has been used to open and close the window, usually when using the handle. 

When the Espag does fail, it will leave you in a position where the window is locked shut (possibly causing a safety issue) or the window cannot be secured.

Here at Sussex Double Glazing Repairs we can open failed locked espags and we also carry a range of replacements on our van to be able to secure your property

Broken Window Handle

We change failed window handles all the time! The most common faults are when either the push in button breaks and pops out or when the handle shears off in your hand when operating it. 

Replacing them is straight forward for an expert and we keep a supply on the van so you can rest assured we will be able to secure your window on our first visit.

Call Dale now on 07881 407 764 for a quote or to arrange a visit.

Seals & Gaskets

Over time, the rubber seals around your windows and doors harden and then start to perish. This causes draughts and allows water ingress. 

The failed seals can also lead to the window becoming mis-aligned and in turn cause problems with the hinges and locks.

Sussex Double Glazing Repairs can replace your perished seals quickly and efficiently.