UPVC Double Glazed Window Repairs in Henfield

Is your UPVC double-glazed window broken in Henfield? We can help! Sussex Double Glazing Repairs fixes: draughty windows, leaks, damaged hinges/mechanisms, handles, seals & gaskets across Sussex. Free quotes – ring Dale now on 07881 407 764

Draughty or Leaking Windows

If your double glazed windows have become draughty, it will usually be caused by one or all of the following issues:

  • Failed hinge (Friction stay)
  • Perished Seals or Gaskets
  • Broken Mechanism (Espag)

We can swiftly fix these defective UPVC double-glazed window hinges, mechanisms, handles and seals since replacement components are usually on hand right in our van. 

Gaps Causing Draughts
Hinge not pulling in against seals

Failed Hinge (Friction Stay)

Don’t be surprised when old window hinges give out over time. This failure stops the sash sealing properly against the frame, inviting draughts and leaks.

In extreme cases, windows won’t close fully, causing safety issues. Luckily our van holds those standard spare hinge sizes for quick fixes. 

Broken Mechanism (Espag)

Excess handle toggling fatigues window edge espags eventually. Units then neglect to open or shut/latch securely afterwards.

Sussex Double Glazing Repairs can help swiftly, technicians first unbind frozen espags. Next we swap standard espag duplicates from our on-board van supply until windows operate fully again. 

View from the window
Broken Window Handles

Broken Window Handle

UPVC double-glazed window handles regularly fail, whether buttons pop loose or handles fracture unexpectedly. But our specialists replace damaged handles with ease.

Also, we keep abundant handle inventory on each van to restore function fast. Contact Dale for quotes/scheduling: 07881 407 764

Seals & Gaskets

In due course UPVC window seals ossify and crumble, inducing drafts/leakage at newly opened junctures. The resultant window misalignment also grinds gears on hinges/locks.

Phone Sussex Double Glazing Repairs soon to substitute fresh seals and restore flow.