UPVC Double Glazed Window Repairs in Burgess Hill

Is your UPVC double-glazed window letting in draughts in Burgess Hill? Sussex Double Glazing Repairs can help fix draughty and leaking windows, failed hinges, broken mechanisms, handles, seals & gaskets across the county. Call 07881 407 764  for a free quote from Dale now.

Draughty or Leaking Windows

If your double glazed windows have become draughty, it will usually be caused by one or all of the following issues:

  • Failed hinge (Friction stay)
  • Perished Seals or Gaskets
  • Broken Mechanism (Espag)

Every one of these common issues can be easily repaired by our experienced technicians and many replacement parts may already be in stock in our van.

Gaps Causing Draughts
Hinge not pulling in against seals

Failed Hinge (Friction Stay)

Failing hinges represent a frequent maintenance issue for aging UPVC windows. The sash can’t maintain its tight construction fit. Air and rain invade the perimeter gaps.

Even worse, some windows lose the ability to fasten closed overnight. Fortunately our vans contain usual hinge stock for prompt replacement.

Broken Mechanism (Espag)

UPVC double-glazed window locking mechanisms (known as espagnolettes or “espags”) are on the openable edge of the sashes.

They fail from repetitive forceful use of the operating handle. This leaves windows stubbornly shut (a safety risk) or unable to lock securely.

Sussex Double Glazing Repairs can forcibly open stuck espags. And we have common replacement types already loaded in our van to resecure your property promptly.

View from the window
Broken Window Handles

Broken Window Handle

Faltering UPVC double-glazed window handles are inevitable – sheared levers or popped buttons. No matter – our crews replace both expertly on the initial visit.

All vans contain standard handle inventory too. Give Dale a ring at 07881 407 764 to schedule repairs or get pricing.

Seals & Gaskets

Seals degrade over time, hardening and perishing. Gaps then allow air and water intrusion. Misalignment also develops, impacting hinges and locks.

Sussex Double Glazing Repairs swiftly installs fresh seals to resolve drafting/leaking issues.