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Draughty or Leaking Windows

If your double glazed windows have become draughty, it will usually be caused by one or all of the following issues:

  • Failed hinge (Friction stay)
  • Perished Seals or Gaskets
  • Broken Mechanism (Espag)

All of these hinge, seal, and handle failures in UPVC double-glazed windows are quick fixes for our team and we often have the right replacement parts on hand in our van. 

Gaps Causing Draughts
Hinge not pulling in against seals

Failed Hinge (Friction Stay)

Eventually window hinge hardware wears out, disturbing the critical seal between sash and frame. Drafts and moisture penetrate.

Sometimes no amount of closing will activate the lock either, denoting a safety priority. Not to worry, we have all the standard hinge replacements ready on hand. 

Broken Mechanism (Espag)

Espags, the locks along sash edges, eventually give out from all the cranking open/closed. Windows then freeze either ominously shut (hazard) or wide open.

But Sussex Double Glazing Repairs can come to help – prepared to pry stuck locks open. And replenish to full security with our van-stocked espag reserves. 

View from the window
Broken Window Handles

Broken Window Handle

Don’t be alarmed when UPVC double-glazed window handles or buttons break unexpectedly! Our team makes replacing them look easy and keeps bulk supplies on every van.

This means restoring window operation immediately. Contact Dale now regarding quotes or service at 07881 407 764.

Seals & Gaskets

Eventually, weather seals age, going brittle and fragmented. Subsequent air/moisture infiltration occurs through new gaps. This also throws windows out of plumb, binding components.

Let Sussex Double Glazing Repairs replace worn seals promptly to eliminate problems. 


UPVC windows can experience various issues such as condensation between the panes, and draughts, difficulty in opening or closing, broken locks or handles, and damage to seals or gaskets.

If your UPVC window is showing signs of damage, such as cracks, leaks, or difficulty functioning properly, it may need repair. A professional assessment can determine whether repair or replacement is necessary based on the extent of the damage.

The time required for UPVC window repairs depends on the extent of the damage and the specific repairs needed. Minor issues like replacing a handle or adjusting hinges may be completed quickly, while more extensive repairs could take longer.

Yes, repairing UPVC windows is generally more environmentally friendly than replacing them. By extending the lifespan of your existing windows through repairs, you reduce the need for new materials and energy consumption associated with manufacturing and installing new windows.

Our Reviews

Kerry Jones
Kerry Jones
Dale did a great job replacing glass in a misted window, as well as fixing old conservatory window hinges and handles. Thank you!
George Evans
George Evans
Very pleased with the quick response and quick assessment of the problem. Problem put right with minimum of disruption. Dale very keen to make sure that we felt satisfied about the quality of the repairs. Dale gave a very friendly service and we would not hesitate to recommend him
David Barrett
David Barrett
Dale did a fantastic job. I didn't have to wait long for him to get the glass and the fitting was quick, clean and efficient.
Gina Howard
Gina Howard
Dale has done a great job on repairing and overhauling our double glazing including replacing a lock and a number of window panels and rubber seals. We are very pleased with his work and would highly recommend him.
N Howe
N Howe
First class work on both occasions Dale has visited. Would highly recommend.
Bev Fearis
Bev Fearis
Can't rate Dale highly enough - good price, clean and tidy job and friendly service.

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