UPVC Door Repairs Pulborough

Require UPVC door upkeep in Pulborough? Sussex Double Glazing Repairs performs all repairs: sealing draughts, realignments, broken lock fixes, and fitting new hardware like handles. Operating countywide. Call Dale for a quote at 07881 407 764.  

Door Lock Repairs in Pulborough

The locking mechanism found on UPVC and Composite doors including Patio, French and Bi-Fold doors is called a multipoint lock. Failure is either wear-related or forcing when misaligned. Sussex Double Glazing Repairs stocks many multipoint locks, sometimes resolving issues instantly.

If your model is unique, we temporarily secure the door while ordering replacements. Damaged/stuck/lost keys and cylinders also switched out. 

Door Lock Repairs
Door Realignment / Dropped Door

Door Realignment / Dropped Door

Multipoint lock issues often emerge from doors sagging out of frame alignment after prolonged opening/closing cycles. The contact hardware keeps then misaligning, inducing strain that progresses to failure eventually.

For prevention via precision realignment, Sussex Double Glazing Repairs recalibrates whole systems via hinge tweaks, keep resets or full door reinstallation. 

Door Handles

Door handles will inevitably weaken after years of repetitive use – feeling spongy and sagging noticeably, marking impending failure. Although surface tightening can temporarily rejuvenate occasionally, replacement is generally imperative soon to avoid security risks from complete breakdowns.

For correctly sized handles tailored to your unique multipoint lock model, contact veteran specialists Sussex Double Glazing Repairs at the earliest hints of looseness or visible drooping.

Door Handles
Draughty Doors

Draughty Doors

Doors leaking air or moisture likely have damaged or disjointed seals. With countless seal sizes and profiles available, direct replacements can be complicated.

Sussex Double Glazing Repairs keeps generic seals on hand but will order your precise custom styles if our standard options permit draughts.  

Door Furniture - Knockers

Door Furniture

We can replace your old or faulty door furniture.

  • Door Knockers
  • Letterplates
  • Finger pulls
  • Numbers
  • Handles & Knobs