UPVC Door Repairs Horsham

Need UPVC door repairs in Horsham? Sussex Double Glazing Repairs provides complete service – lock fixes, sealing air gaps, realignments, new hardware like handles/hinges and additional maintenance. Available countywide, so why not call Dale on 07881 407 764 for a free quote?

Door Lock Repairs in Horsham

The locking mechanism found on UPVC and Composite doors including Patio, French and Bi-Fold doors is called a multipoint lock. Failure occurs when forcing sagging misalignments or components simply wear out from use over time. Sussex Double Glazing Repairs stocks many replacement lock models for immediate servicing hopefully. We otherwise mount temporary locks until your unique required version arrives. We replace equally problematic cylinders and damaged/lost keys.

Door Lock Repairs
Door Realignment / Dropped Door

Door Realignment / Dropped Door

Doors fall out of alignment over time, causing locks to bind and fail. The slab’s latches and deadbolts no longer match the frame’s keeps properly. Excessive force is then required until components fracture.

Repositioning drooped doors involves hinge tweaking or frame adjustments, even door toe & heeling. For best realignment results, have experts like Sussex Double Glazing Repairs prevent serious mechanical damage. 

Door Handles

Door handles endure heavy lifetime use, eventually feeling loose or sagging – signalling impending failure. Quick fixes are sometimes possible, but replacement is often necessary to maintain household security before a full malfunction occurs.

With specialised handle varieties for each unique multipoint lock, have Sussex Double Glazing Repairs source and install proper models at the first sign of trouble. This prevents emergency locksmith costs down the road. 

Door Handles
Draughty Doors

Draughty Doors

Draughty doors likely have loose or damaged seals. Various seal profiles exist – some are hard to source and install. We stock common seals but will order customised parts if needed.

Contact Sussex Double Glazing Repairs to replace worn seals correctly the first time. 

Door Furniture - Knockers

Door Furniture

We can replace your old or faulty door furniture.

  • Door Knockers
  • Letterplates
  • Finger pulls
  • Numbers
  • Handles & Knobs