UPVC Door Repairs Burgess Hill

For all UPVC door fixes in Burgess Hill, Sussex Double Glazing Repairs provides full maintenance – realigning doors, sealing draughts, repairing locks, replacing handles and hinges. We operate throughout the county – call Dale at 07881 407 764

Door Lock Repairs in Burgess Hill

The locking mechanism found on UPVC and Composite doors including Patio, French and Bi-Fold doors is called a multipoint lock. Failure typically results from misalignment stressing components or general wear. Sussex Double Glazing Repairs carries various multipoint locks, sometimes conducting repairs in one visit.

If lacking your model, we temporarily secure doors overnight until the proper replacement lock arrives. We also replace problematic euro cylinders – whether keys damaged, stuck or lost.

Door Lock Repairs
Door Realignment / Dropped Door

Door Realignment / Dropped Door

A principal genesis of temperamental multipoint door locks is the slab and frame falling out of parallel alignment gradually after repetitive use. Specialised realignment via hinge tuning, frame adjustments or overall door hanging is recommended to avoid forcing expensive hardware replacements later.

For the smoothest operation, have Sussex Double Glazing Repairs optimise whole door system alignment to equalise weight distributions properly.

Door Handles

Prolonged use erodes the sturdiness of door handles over time – they’ll begin feeling limp and sagging visually. This marks impending mechanical failure jeopardising security if left unserviced. While rapid remedies are briefly possible perhaps, replacement is generally ideal before total breakdown necessitates emergency locksmiths.

For correctly sized handles meeting your exact multipoint lock specs, phone conscientious veteran specialists Sussex Double Glazing Repairs at the initial signs of loose, drooping handles.

Door Handles
Draughty Doors

Draughty Doors

Doors admitting cold air often have compromised seals – whether loosened from frames or cracked. Various replacement types and sizes exist, some challenging to locate and integrate seamlessly.

Although carrying universal seals already, Sussex Double Glazing Repairs will order your exact custom profile if needed for superior fit and draught protection.

Door Furniture - Knockers

Door Furniture

We can replace your old or faulty door furniture.

  • Door Knockers
  • Letterplates
  • Finger pulls
  • Numbers
  • Handles & Knobs