UPVC Door Repairs Billingshurst

Want an expert UPVC door repairer in Billingshurst? Sussex Double Glazing Repairs provides complete servicing: realigning doors, addressing draughts, fixing damaged locks, and installing upgraded handles and hinges. Call 07881 407 764 now for your free quote in Billingshurst.

Door Lock Repairs in Billingshurst

The locking mechanism found on UPVC and Composite doors including Patio, French and Bi-Fold doors is called a multipoint lock. At Sussex Double Glazing Repairs we have a wide selection of replacement locks, repairing promptly if possible.

Otherwise, we temporarily secure doors while awaiting the proper special-order replacement model. We can also swap damaged, stuck, or lost cylinders/keys. 

Door Lock Repairs
Door Realignment / Dropped Door

Door Realignment / Dropped Door

Drooping doors place added, abnormal burden on locks over time before eventual failure. The moving slabs and static frames lose parallelism – latch equipment and opposing keeps thus bind.

Have experts Sussex Double Glazing Repairs realign whole door systems via hinge adjustments, keep refitting or full door reinstallation to avoid forcing costly hardware replacements. 

Door Handles

Don’t be surprised when your heavily used door handles one day feel lifeless and loose – a precursor to imminent failure. While quick fixes are sometimes possible, handle replacement is often essential before malfunction leaves your home’s protection jeopardised.

For properly tailored components meeting your exact multipoint lock, phone reputable experts Sussex Double Glazing Repairs at the initial signs of trouble to avoid emergency locksmith bills.

Door Handles
Draughty Doors

Draughty Doors

Draughty doors generally mean damaged or detached seals. With lots of seal types on the market, variances in dimensions and configurations can complicate replacements.

Though having standard sizes onboard, Sussex Double Glazing Repairs will custom order ideal seals for a flawless fit and drafting prevention. 

Door Furniture - Knockers

Door Furniture

We can replace your old or faulty door furniture.

  • Door Knockers
  • Letterplates
  • Finger pulls
  • Numbers
  • Handles & Knobs