UPVC Door Repairs Sussex

For all your UPVC door repairs, Sussex Double Glazing Repairs offer a full range of door maintenance including lock repairs, realignment, draughts & replacement door furniture. We operate throughout the Sussex area. 

Door Lock Repairs

The locking mechanism found on UPVC and Composite doors including Patio, French and Bi-Fold doors is called a multipoint lock . These locks have a barrel inserted through them usually from where the handle is located. These barrels are known as euro cylinders. 

The main reasons these locks develop a fault is usually due to wear & tear or when excessive force has been used when trying to operate the lock because the door has dropped or it is out of alignment.

We carry a variety of locks and can sometimes repair the lock in one visit. If we do not have the correct model of lock, we will  use a temporary overnight lock to secure the door until we have sourced the correct replacement.

If your keys have been lost, damaged, difficult to turn or perhaps they cannot be removed when the door is locked then we can easily replace the cylinder.

Door Lock Repairs
Door Realignment / Dropped Door

Door Realignment / Dropped Door

Unaligned or dropped Doors are one the main reasons that the lock fails or develops faults. This is because the door gradually begins to move out of position through general use.

As the door moves out of its correct operating position, the mechanism’s latch, deadbolts, etc on the actual door slab no longer correspond with the keeps on the frame. As a result more force is then required to operate the door until eventually one of the components on the lock fails.

Realigning the door can sometimes be just a quick adjustment of the hinges or in other instances it could involve a number of stages such as hinge adjustment, re-positioning of the frame keeps, or toe & heeling the door.

We strongly recommended that you use an expert such as Sussex Double Glazing Repairs to carry out your door realignment, especially if you are experiencing difficulties operating the lock.

Door Handles

Most door handles will get a lot of use. Over time they usually start to feel limp and drop. Sometimes this will be a very quick repair but it can also mean that you may need to replace them before they fail and compromise the security of your home.

There are many different sizes available and your handles will be specific to your door lock. It is highly recommended that you contact an expert such as ourselves for this or any UPVC door repairs in Sussex as soon as you notice an issue.

 This will save you time in trying to source the correct handles and more importantly it will save you money (before your handles fail and you need to call an emergency locksmith to secure your property)

Door Handles
Draughty Doors

Draughty Doors

If your doors are draughty or they are letting in the weather then the seals or gaskets may have come loose or perished. There are many different profiles on the market and some can be both difficult to find and to fit. We carry a number of universal seals on the van but should they not be suitable then we will source the correct one for you. 

Door Furniture - Knockers

Door Furniture

We can replace your old or faulty door furniture.

  • Door Knockers
  • Letterplates
  • Finger pulls
  • Numbers
  • Handles & Knobs