Double Glazing Glass Repairs Horsham

Got broken window/door glass or misty double glazing throughout Horsham? Phone Sussex Double Glazing Repairs now at 07881 407 764 so specialists can replace damaged panels and glass safely and fast.

Misted Glass Units

Foggy or cloudy window or door glass? This means the perimeter seal that keeps your double-paned units dry has failed. Moisture got in between the layers. No need to replace whole frames – Sussex Double Glazing Repairs just swaps damaged glass for new. We routinely switch out all types of failed glazing:   

  • Toughened / Safety Glass
  • Patterned / Textured
  • Low-E / A-Rated (Recommended)
  • Leaded
  • Georgian Bar

To learn more about why units fail and how we replace them, click here.

frosty misted glass
Broken Glass in Window Pane

Broken Glass in Horsham

Broken glass? Sussex Double Glazing Repairs stabilises, then replaces it fast and safely. We offer like-for-like swaps or even upgrades! Our glass repair services address all issues and provide various styles/improvements – including:

  • Single Glazed
  • Double Glazed
  • Triple Glazed
  • Laminated
  • Gas Filled (Recommended)
  • and much more
Window Pane Issue
Window Pane Resolved
Leaded DGU Blown
Kitchen Window